Denver Criminal Defense Investigations

Whether you’re going to trial or negotiating a plea, you need to have command of the facts.

Of course, that means being on intimate terms with the discovery. Many of the Denver area lawyers who work with us, however, have found it advantageous to go a step beyond simply memorizing the state’s case.

When defense counsel is working with a licensed private investigation firm such as Acclaim Investigations, LLC, for criminal defense investigations, counsel has an experienced professional with whom he can discuss the facts. We have found these discussions always bring the case into better focus, and sometimes help counsel avoid errors caused when “trial goggles” interfere with rational thought.

As a licensed private investigator, Acclaim Investigations, LLC, has investigated a wide spectrum of alleged criminal acts. Murder, child abuse, assault – our criminal defense investigations bring the kind of insight and focused expertise that often leads to acquittal. Where we can be the most helpful, however, is the delicate area of Sexual Assault of a Child by a Person in a Position of Trust.

Not infrequently, these charges are brought by people who are angry at the person they accuse. These people are often justified in their anger — but that doesn’t mean they’re victims of sexual assault. Some “victims” don’t know that a “little white lie” told in spite can often snowball and result in innocent people being sentenced to the penitentiary.

Sexual Assault on a Child is a hard charge to defend against because police and prosecutors view obtaining a conviction as something that should be pursued with religious zeal. Similarly, jurors — although they pledge to be objective – often feel they have an obligation not to let the alleged victim down. Successful defenses of these cases must be conducted by expert lawyers and seasoned investigators.

At Acclaim Investigations, LLC, we have helped defend many of these cases, and we have an excellent track record of obtaining acquittals — or in some cases, dismissals of charges by the District Attorney before the trial even begins.

The Acclaim Investigations, LLC team of retired newspaper journalists is dedicated to serving the legal community in Denver and throughout Colorado.

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